High Yield Savings With Flexibility

Money market accounts are a great high yield savings option to earn a little extra interest on that money you’re saving for something down the road, like a family vacation, wedding, or down payment. One advantage of a money market account is after you make your initial deposit you still have access to the funds, unlike a CD.

Rates As High As
2.00% APY^

More Flexibility
Than A CD

Unlimited Monthly Deposits
& Withdrawals

Interest Is Accrued Daily And Is Paid Out Monthly

Surge Money Market Account


Surge Money Market Rates

Amount Interest Rate APY*
$1.00 - $2,500.00 1.982% 2.00%
$2,500.01 - $5,000.00 0.995% 1.00%
$5,000.01 - $10,000.00 0.500% 0.50%
$10,000.01 - $50,000.00 0.250% 0.25%
$50,000.01 + 0.150% 0.15%
Rates accurate as of Jan 29, 2023
*APY= Annual Percentage Yield. No minimum balance required to open Surge Money Market. Interest will be paid monthly on balances within each tier and in a blended fashion. The Surge Money Market is a variable rate share product with no set term. Limit one Surge Money Market Account per membership. Rates subject to change.

Momentum Money Market Account


Momentum Money Market Rates

Amount Interest Rate APY*
$2,500.00 - $49,999.99 0.150% 0.15%
$50,000.00 - $99,999.99 0.30% 0.30%
$100,000.00 - $249,999.99 0.60% 0.60%
$250,000.00 - $499,999.99 0.80% 0.80%
$500,000.00 + 0.99% 1.00%
Rates accurate as of Jan 29, 2023
*APY= Annual Percentage Yield. Rates are variable and subject to change without notice after account is opened. By federal regulation, some restrictions may apply.

Money Market FAQs

Rates are subject to change at any time. Please refer to the rates tables on this page for the most up to date interest rates.

The Surge account is considered a reverse money market. The interest rate is higher on lower balances and decreases as your balance increases. It’s ideal for people who don’t have a large sum of money to establish savings habits.

There are no minimum balance fees on the Surge account.

The Momentum Money Market account is a tiered interest money market account with higher interest rates than a TIMM, but with the same flexibility of a TIMM account.

There are no minimum balance fees on the Momentum account, but you won’t earn interest on balances below $2,500.

  • The Momentum Money Market account is geared towards higher interest rates on balances over $50,000, while the Surge pays a higher rate of interest on lower balances, as low as one dollar!

  • A member can have two Momentum accounts, but only one Surge account.

Other High Yield Savings Options

Certificate of Deposit (CD)

A certificate of deposit (CD) is an easy way to earn a return on your deposited funds with a wide range of terms to choose from.

Benefits Checking

With our free Benefits Checking account you earn 3.00% APY* on your average daily balance, and receive ATM fee reimbursements.

Honor Investment Services

If you’re planning for retirement, for college, or a large future event, our team at Honor Investment Services can help set you up for success!

Tips To Save Money

We know it’s not always easy to build up your savings account, so we have included some helpful tips and tricks from our blog to help you reach your savings goals.

^Annual Percentage Yield (APY) accurate as of 3/1/21. Your interest rate and APY will be based on the balance in your account. Rate is variable and may change after account is opened. Fees can reduce earnings. Insured By NCUA.