Holiday Hours

In observance of Memorial Day, all Honor member centers, and our Contact Center will be closed Saturday, May 25th and Monday May 27th. We'll reopen for normal business hours on Tuesday, May 28th. You can always access your account 24/7 via online banking and the mobile app. As a reminder, if you get a suspicious call or text about your account activity or charges, do not click, call, or engage at all. Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!

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Card Fraud Protection

If you have a credit or debit card with Honor, you are automatically enrolled in our free card protection program, and we work hard to catch fraud before it happens. On this page you will find other options to protect yourself from fraud, from text and call alerts, to card control options, and more!

Preventing Fraud Is Our Priority

Text &
Call Alerts

We will reach out to you if we detect fraudulent activity happening on your account.


Learn how to sign up for free MasterCard theft alerts for added card security.


With CardHub you have total control to manage your debit & credit cards.


Important phone numbers, travel information and other fraud protection tips.

Text & Call Alerts

To help protect your money, when fraudulent activity is suspected on an account, no matter if it’s your credit card or debit card, your transaction may be declined (although some lower risk transactions might go through).

How We'll Reach Out

* SMS/Text is free to members with mobile service through Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint. Other usage costs may apply based on your mobile carrier.

MasterCard Protection

Honor Credit Union and MasterCard are committed to identity protection and fraud detection to keep your personal information safe. Honor MasterCard holders can sign up for free services such as theft alerts, emergency card replacement, and resolving issues associated with identity theft and fraud.

CardHub Card Management

With the CardHub feature in the Honor mobile app, you are in control of your cards and the activity on your cards. From the ability to turn your cards on and off, receiving real-time transaction alerts, to redeeming credit card reward points and viewing spending insights, CardHub is a feature worth using!

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CardHub Features

transaction alert icon

Real-Time Alerts

Receive real-time mobile app alerts or email notifications every time your card is used.

reset pin icon

Reset Your Pin

Within CardHub, you can easily reset your pin to keep your account safe and secure.

card control icon

Turn Your Card(s) On/Off

You’re in control! Quickly and easily immediately turn your card(s) on/off with just the swipe of your finger.

travel icon

Manage Travel Plans

If you’re travelling out of state or internationally, notify us within CardHub to make sure your card(s) are not restricted during your trip.

rewards icon

Redeem Reward Points

Members with reward-eligible credit cards can redeem reward points without the need to enter separate username/password.

budget icon

View Spending Insights

Develop healthier spending habits or simply keep track of card usage by quickly seeing how, when and where you spend.

How To Enable Card Control

Enrollment is easy and will only take a few minutes, which can be completed within the mobile app or even within online banking:

Card Support

Important Numbers


MasterCard Debit & Credit Cards

Out of the Country Emergency Numbers*

* Collect calls are accepted

Travel Information

  • If you’re planning an international trip, keep us informed by stopping by a member center or giving our Virtual Member Center a call at 800.442.2800 to let us know to expect transactions from your desired destination.
  • Beware of blocked and sanctioned countries. For a current list of these countries check out the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) of the US Department of Treasury’s list. If the country you are visiting is on this list, ALL card activity will be blocked per the requirement from OFAC. On occasion, Honor Credit Union may block countries in addition to those listed on the OFAC list, but should there be additional countries, they would be listed here. 

Fraud Protection

  • If you suspect fraud you can turn your card off instantly from within the Honor mobile app.
  • Honor debit and credit card holders are automatically enrolled in our free card protection program. Cardholders can sign up for additional free MasterCard fraud services.
  • If we suspect fraudulent activity, the transaction will likely be declined and your account will be blocked to prevent further harmful activity. We will attempt to notify you as quickly as 30 seconds after a suspicious transaction takes place.

Fraud Protection Tips

Zero Down Payment Offer

To make the process as simple as possible with our Zero Down Payment mortgage offer, we encourage you to speak with a mortgage expert so they can explain the requirements and guide you through the process!

Find An Expert Near You

Need Help? Contact us at 800.442.2800 and we will help you get started with the application process.