We Recommend Using A Different Internet Browser

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Dear Member,

Microsoft announced it will begin ending support for Internet Explorer 11 on November 30, 2020. The company also announced it will stop supporting Internet Explorer altogether in August 2021.

While Internet Explorer will still be usable, your browsing experience may be hindered, and Microsoft has stated it should not be considered as a sustainable browser option because of its reduced functionality.

Security Concerns

Because Internet Explorer 11 will have limited support, there will be an increase in security exploits, which makes any computer using Internet Explorer vulnerable to hackers, and puts your passwords and personal information at risk.

Our Recommendation

We suggest you switch to the Microsoft Edge browser for a similar experience as Internet Explorer, and to provide the best experience at HonorCU.com. According to Microsoft, there are five reasons to switch to Edge:

  1. Stronger Privacy
  2. Improved Internal Search
  3. Better Compatibility
  4. Manageability and Security
  5. Better Memory Usage

Security Resources

Visit our security pages to learn more how we not only protect your personal information, but also how we proactively alert you, and take action to stop any harmful activity.

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