Honor Launches Chatbot To Enhance Digital Member Experience

image of a bitmoji human character with blonde hair wearing red glasses on a teal background with text that reads hello I'm Macy, and promoting honor credit union's new AI chatbot

BERRIEN SPRINGS, MI – May 4, 2021 – Honor Credit Union is proud to welcome Macy, the Virtual Team Member, into the Honor family! Using artificial intelligence, Macy’s role at Honor is to enhance the member experience by assisting members with their questions 24/7. This added channel of communication aligns with Honor’s mission to serve members when, where, and how they want to be served.

Members can begin chatting with Macy online by clicking on the chat icon near the bottom right-hand corner of HonorCU.com and within the Honor mobile app.

As part of Honor’s ongoing commitment to the improvement of technology and innovation, Macy offers a new avenue for members to receive virtual and digital assistance. Honor team members created Macy’s responses to help her provide real-life answers that members expect. While she does live inside a computer, her answers will sound just like an Honor team member, complete with Honor’s fun, upbeat, and helpful personality.

Macy is ready to answer commonly asked questions about products, services, and digital solutions. She can also connect a member to chat with an Account Specialist when questions are out of her depth. Macy makes the connection between a member and a virtual assistant personal and remembers a member’s name each time they come back to chat. Like any new team member, Macy is still learning the answers to questions and will continue learning as members interact with her. At this time, Macy does not have access to member account information.

Intentionally named, Macy is inspired by two long-time Honor team members, Mary and Tracy, which combined created the name “Macy.” Together, Mary and Tracy comprise 70 years of knowledge and experience at Honor Credit Union. Their expertise illustrates the wealth of knowledge a member can expect when seeking answers – a go-to person with a solution to every question.

“At Honor, we are committed to continuously working to make our member’s experience even better than before, and that starts with listening to the needs of our members and finding ways to fill them,” commented Angie Trowbridge, Honor’s Assistant VP of the Virtual Member Center. “It’s our priority to answer our member’s questions as quickly as possible, and Macy does just that. She provides a much-needed digital option for members to chat with a virtual assistant and receive quick answers and solutions around the clock.”

Honor Credit Union is proud to serve more than 91,000 members across the state of Michigan. Providing solutions for financial success and giving back to the communities it serves remain the driving forces behind Honor Credit Union. For more information, call 800.442.2800, or visit www.honorcu.com.



Halee Niemi
Brand Manager
800.442.2800 ext. 9501

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