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Savings Account at Honor Credit Union


Everyone has savings goals, and Honor wants to help you reach them. We know that there are way more effective ways to get you to your goals then your cute, old piggy bank, so we have a variety of savings accounts for you to choose from. You can still access your savings anytime with It’s Me 24/7 Online Banking, but you’ll start earning daily interest on your balance, which we pay you monthly. As cute as your piggy bank may be, that’s something it just can’t do!

Ways you can save with Honor:

  • Membership Savings Account

    If you are looking for a savings account that you can deposit money, and then earn interest on that money, the Membership Savings Account is for you. With Honor, though, the Membership Savings Account gets you a few extra things, too. You keep ownership of your money and become a shareholder in Honor Credit Union. At Honor, our members are our owners, so having a Membership Savings Account gives you a voice and a vote at credit union elections.
  • Vacation Savings Account

    The Vacation Savings Account will help you make that vacation dream a reality. This savings account is a place for you to set aside money for your dream getaway or special occasion as often as you want. If you start saving today, before you know it, you’ll stop dreaming and start booking your next vacation!
  • Christmas Savings Account

    Do you make a mental note after every holiday season to start saving for next year a little earlier? Well, here is an easy way to do just that. With Honor’s Christmas Savings Account you can deposit money anytime throughout the year as you have a little extra. On November 1, this money is automatically deposited into your Membership Savings Account. It’s like an extra payday just in time for the holidays!
  • Special Savings Account

    We know that every member has different goals and needs, and the Special Savings Account is made just for you. If one of Honor’s other savings options doesn’t fit your individual needs just perfectly, here is the account that will. Whether your savings goal is a shiny new car or that new camera with all the fancy features, Honor’s Special Savings Account will help you get there! And you can give it a “nickname” within online banking so you know just what that money is for.

Interested in learning more about the interest your savings account can start earning you? Take a look at the great rates available here

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