What Is a Contactless Card & What Do I Need To Know?

woman holding an honor debit card that displays a contactless payment symbol

As we begin to see more contactless cards, otherwise known as the tap-to-pay method at checkout, we want to make sure you know of the benefits, how to use it, and answer other common questions you may have.

What is a Contactless Card?

A contactless-enabled card allows you to tap your card on the payment terminal to complete a purchase versus inserting or swiping it as commonly done in the past. Not only is this a more convenient and quicker touch-free payment method, but it is also more secure. Keep reading to learn about the security features.

How Do I Process a Contactless Payment?

Processing a contactless payment is easy:

  1. Look for the Contactless Symbol on the payment terminal.

  2. Tap, hold, or wave your contactless-enabled payment card close to the payment screen when you normally would swipe/insert it.

That’s it! If successfully processed, the payment terminal will confirm that you’re good to go – it’s that easy! 

infographic showing how to use a contactless payment card by looking and tapping

How Do I Know If My Card is Contactless-Enabled?

Identifying a contactless card is simple. Simply look for the Contactless Symbol on the front of the card. It looks a lot like the symbol for a Wi-Fi signal. Honor’s debit and credit cards issued on or after October 1st, 2023 are enabled with contactless technology and will display the contactless symbol.

image showing how to use a contactless card as a payment method

What Are The Benefits Of a Contactless Card?

It’s speedy! It’s typically twice as fast as chip readers. Now instead of manually inserting and/or swiping your card at checkout, you can hold your card near the card terminal, and within seconds, your transaction is complete. Speedy checkout for the win!

It’s more secure! With each transaction made, each tap-to-pay generates new one-time data, making it more difficult for a scammer to duplicate your information and helps protect you from the risks of fraud.

Fewer germs! That’s right, with a simple tap to pay, you don’t have to touch the keypad. When prompted, just hold your card near the reader/contactless symbol. A win at all times of the year to make it more hygienic.

How Does Contactless Payment Technology Work?

You’re able to make payments this way because contactless cards contain a chip that generates a unique code with your payment information. Radio frequency and near-field communication technology then transmits this code to the checkout system. Your card information is electronically transmitted, allowing you to complete the payment by holding your card near the contactless symbol at the payment reader.

What If Contactless Payments Aren't Available At Checkout?

While contactless payments are becoming more and more popular every day, your contactless card can still be inserted or swiped to complete payment. Contactless payments are just another way to pay, not necessarily a replacement.

Have Questions?

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