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Personal Loans at Honor Credit Union


At Honor Credit Union, we love how unique our members are and know that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we offer personal loans, share secured loans, and single payment notes to assist our members whatever their financial need may be.

Unsecured Signature Loans 

We understand that sometimes we all need a little help paying for the extras in life. Whether it’s for an emergency, school expenses, a vacation, auto repair, or just life in general, an Honor Credit Union personal loan can come to the rescue. A personal loan is a fixed rate over a predetermined period of time, just like a car loan. We can help determine what personal loan is right for you. Get started and apply for a loan today

Share and CD Secured Loans

  • Share Loan – If you have investments with Honor Credit Union, these loans may be for you. If an expense comes up, this loan will provide you a solution with a great rate using your savings as collateral so that you don’t have to touch your hard-earned investment. Keep in mind, the loan can’t exceed the amount of your share account.
  • CD Secured Loan – Similar to the Share Loan, the CD Secured Loan uses your CD as collateral for the loan. Also providing a solution for that expense without withdrawing from your CD, this loan can’t be more than the CD value and it matures the same day the CD matures.

Jump Start Loans

Our Jump Start Loan is a quick, smart and affordable answer to your payday loan needs! With our Jump Start Loan option, you’ll enjoy the same benefits as most traditional Payday lenders while receiving better interest rates and an extra savings benefit at the end of the loan term making our lending option smarter and more affordable for you. Regardless of your current situation, an Honor Jump Start loan can jump start you onto the right path for financial success today and away from the costly routine of Payday lenders! 

Single Payment Notes

A perfect short term loan option, Single Payment Notes are for 90-day periods and are terrific for that special project that has a definite, verifiable way to be repaid. You can renew them, but you must convert it to a regular loan with monthly payments if you don’t pay it off immediately.

Give the Member Solutions Center a call for details on any of these personal loans and to find out their annual percentage rates at 800.442.2800.

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